Topic: Facebook reopens its news sharing page in Australia. After achieving

Facebook has reached an agreement with the Australian government today. Which will consent to various news pages Of Australia Able to publish domestic news again in the coming days.
The decision    โปรโมชั่น slotxo   came after Facebook negotiated talks with the Australian government. By Facebook stated in a statement that "After consultation with each other We are pleased that the Australian Government has agreed to make several changes. It is also guaranteed to resolve our concerns about authorizing business deals. This is an appreciation of the intentions of our platform. ”

The report states that Scottish Prime Minister Morrison of Australia It made a last-minute decision on some content changes to the Media Code, including allowing Facebook to negotiate with local news agencies and TV stations two months before the arbitral tribunal. Of the Australian government as an intermediary in the decision

On Feb. 18, the past. Facebook has blocked all users in Australia from accessing news. In response to the Australian government's efforts to speed up enforcement of the Media Code, which would force tech giants like Google and Facebook to Local media companies have to pay money when their content is used.

The Australian government is rushing to approve several laws. Which will allow large technology companies Have to negotiate payments to local news agencies and TV stations. When those media contents are used If both parties could not reach an agreement An Australian Government arbitral tribunal decides on content pricing.

Re: Facebook reopens its news sharing page in Australia. After achieving

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