Topic: How to grow roses in animal crossing

First, the player should buy seeds from the store. The first planting requires three seeds, red, yellow, and white rose seeds. The cross-breeding of two white roses will have the opportunity to create purple roses. Hybrid black roses and special white roses can get red roses. Besides, many players buy the ACNH Bells, which is also a good decorative item. Ultimately, this combination will produce mixed red roses. Once the player has a special white rose and a mixed red rose, they should go over them to breed the orange rose.

Players need to cross two or more special mixed red roses to try to generate blue roses. Players should place as many special red roses as possible for hybridization to further increase the chance of planting blue roses. After buy Animal Crossing Items from the ACBellsBuy store, it is great to trade quickly. For players, this is time travel. Players can plant these rare flowers and proudly display them in their homes on the island.

Re: How to grow roses in animal crossing

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Re: How to grow roses in animal crossing

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