Topic: The zevrahs in the wow classic gold

Precisely the same place that all the zevrahs in the wow classic gold barrens stash their hooves since they almost never wear them.Hope you stick around so the rest of your guild who invested thousands of golden on consumes can get loot too.What a mad lad, hes done what id call impossible. I am not worthy of this divine.

Screenshot.What kind of nolifer are you? You have to've prepped for at least 24 days /played to pull off this solo.Would love to find a complete on 20 man level 11 groups with max gear and enchants and a principal tank make this battle last 45 minutes and capture it.

After viewing so many people whining about Hogger I thought that he was going to be rough but it took was me (lvl 9 warrior) and a rogue the same level.I don't get it. Is this just an easy article poking fun at each of the"I eventually got my own Thunderfury/Hand of Rag" posts, or is there really to the massive Gnoll Claw?This issue will be no different in TBC or another fresh classic wow.

They slip black lotus, they fly around UNDER THE WORLD AS LEVEL 5'S doing shitthey fly around in DM north infinitely generating mana pots and Cheap classic wow gold breaking up the market. They then take this gold following bricking the market and sell it back as actual money.

Lets please cut the bullshit and accept these"ban waves" are literally doing nothing and theres hundreds of thousands of gold sitting around on arbitrary level 1's waiting to be purchased by suckers so that they can then offer the gold right back into the bots by buying the items they actually bot farm.

A bot below the floor in silithus caves carrying a rich thorium vein right next to us. Take a peek at the title plate underground.

Re: The zevrahs in the wow classic gold

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Re: The zevrahs in the wow classic gold

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