Topic: How does social distancing "COVID-19" prevent loneliness and depressio

Video call
Of course, talking with letters Or sound can communicate with each other But seeing the real face of each other, both video and sound in real time   ทางเข้า slotxo  Have seen body language Facial expression And various emotions It is a communication that is close to being able to talk directly. As if sitting next to each other (just by holding hands Just a few minutes for a video call with friends, family and loved ones I certify that it might make you smile without knowing. Or will do activities together, such as watching movies on TV at the same time

Passing happiness through the online world
As our lives depend on the online world more and more now. Let's make the online world a better place. By spreading happiness Talk only good things Praise someone for doing good, for example by posting great content. We then post compliments to him. Using words and words relying on each other Only this can help each stick and hand. Make the online world more pleasant to play

Find an online group that matches your interests.
Who has not joined an online group before? Now is a good time to get involved. Leave comments on topics that interest you. Whether it is a group of people who love Netflix, lovers, K-POP, travel groups. Groups of people who like to cook, etc. Being able to exchange knowledge and opinions helps to kill a lot of our bored lonely times.

Feel the air And some sunshine
Detained people may not be able to come out of the house. But still able to open doors and windows to walk around the house (Wear a mask as well) allowing the body to come out in contact with nature. Will keep your life clock still working well Day is still day Night is still night Because of being confined to a house with closed windows and curtains It may make you feel bored, sad, lonely, lack of energy, drowsiness, not energetic.

Exercise regularly
Staying at home for a long time Making you use a lot less muscle than before So pay attention to exercise. Focus on the muscles. And there is also a need for cardio exercise to exercise the heart. Exercise refreshes the body. Reduce tension It will also help you wake up and work more bright the next day.

Do not forget that the body is protected from viruses. Do not forget to protect your heart from loneliness and depression. Especially if someone is already depressed Have to take good care of yourself Talk more often to people you trust. And follow the tips given above, if you feel bad, nervous, uncomfortable, and insomnia, you should consult a doctor immediately.

Re: How does social distancing "COVID-19" prevent loneliness and depressio

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Re: How does social distancing "COVID-19" prevent loneliness and depressio

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Re: How does social distancing "COVID-19" prevent loneliness and depressio

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Re: How does social distancing "COVID-19" prevent loneliness and depressio

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