Topic: TAT launches 6 million British travel survey results, ready to bring

TAT launches survey to find British tourists Willing to get vaccinated before traveling abroad Let's choose to go to a country where people with low COVID are infected. While France searched for Bangkok attractions America wants to be safe and not detained. For tour companies and airlines Requesting the Thai government to clarify the conditions for entering the country

Mr. Siripakorn Chiewsamut, Deputy Governor for Europe, Africa, Middle East and America Marketing Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) revealed that in the past TAT has nurtured the demand or demand of foreign tourists to come to Thailand with the Top of Mind strategy to feel    โปรโมชั่น slotxo    that Thailand It is the number one destination in the hearts of tourists, which TAT does not want Thailand to be an organic destination, meaning that there is no need to do anything, people want to come. We want it to be on target, for example, now it wants health tourists or Wellness Tourism as high-spending groups, long-term residents, quarantine the COVID-19 Situation Center. Open for a while Have to find and facilitate as much as possible

6 million British people want to travel to Thailand
TAT surveyed the tourist market and found that There is demand or demand for Thailand, with tourists in the UK or UK market responding to 4,127 surveyed on planning overseas travel after the COVID-19 crisis found that 75% planned to travel abroad. Happy to be vaccinated If it is a rule or regulation for international travel and the age group 55 and older has the highest immunization requirements.