Topic: Michael Collins' wolf slippers spark Twitter storm

Michael Collins' wolf slippers spark Twitter storm

What kind of สล็อต บนมือถือ เล่นง่าย ได้เงินเร็ว revolutionary leader would kick back in a pair of slippers like these?

They are not your ordinary pair of house shoes - a vibrant blue, lined with lush wool.

And, the detail that is the most intriguing - the staring green eyes of a wolf, its tongue slightly protruding like an emoji designed by the Brothers Grimm.

They look almost out-of-the-box brand new. And yet they're about 100 years old.

We know this because these slippers belonged to Michael Collins, the Irish republican who led the military campaign for Ireland's independence a century ago.

And when Collins' plush puppies emerged on Twitter in the last week, Irish users were stunned.

The picture was tweeted by Dr Gillian O'Brien, taken during a Zoom class for her public history students at John Moores University.

"It's incredible to put up something about Michael Collins and not have a row," she laughed.

"When I saw it had 30 or so reactions I thought 'Oh God, please, no one find a way to get into a row about these slippers'.

"I've even had some people replying to ask if it was a hoax. I suppose because they look quite modern, the stitching is almost like retro Pac-Man.

"The colour is so vivid. The design is high-end - you could see an Italian count wearing them."