Topic: I like to reverse the food. Do you have any disease or not?

Have you ever been unable to eat food, reverse the food without accidentally or without trying at all? If anyone has had these symptoms on a regular basis Recommend you to consult a doctor urgently. Because of this symptom May be caused by a disease called Chewing, swallowing and reversing food Which, if left May cause other serious health problems

Like reversing food, probably because of this disease
If someone has already eaten food Often regurgitation or reversal of food that has not yet been digested Or partially digested food repeatedly chewing out And then swallowed the food again Or, some patients may chew repeatedly and spit out without experiencing any digestive disorders for more than a month.That could be a sign that you have an eating disorder called chewing swallowing syndrome. Food out (Rumination Syndrome), also known as food reflux disease. Regurgitation syndrome Ruminant syndrome, etc.

The cause of the disease chewing and swallowing food out.
Currently, experts do not know exactly what the cause of chewing swallowing syndrome is, but it is known that it is the result of ingested food causing the stomach to expand. Causing increased abdominal pressure And lower esophageal sphincters loosen The food in the stomach flows back up. Or causing the patient to regurgitate or reverse the food itself

In some patients Symptoms often start with triggers, such as a viral infection. Gastrointestinal disease Stress caused by changes in life And this disease can happen to people of all sexes and ages, especially children with intellectual disabilities. And those who are seriously stressed Or regular anxiety

Signs and symptoms of Chewing, swallowing and reversing food
Signs and symptoms that indicate you may have chewing swallowing and reversing food include:

Belching food or regurgitation
Burp often, but instead of expelling air Turns out to have food instead
Eating food and stomach ache
Feeling full faster than usual
Bad breath
Weight loss without a known cause
People with chewing and swallowing disease often have this symptom after every meal. Some people may develop symptoms immediately after biting the first bite. While some people may have symptoms after eating a large amount of food. And people often mistake the symptoms for bulimia or bulimia, GERD. (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD) or slow digestion of the stomach. (Gastroparesis)

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Re: I like to reverse the food. Do you have any disease or not?

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