Topic: Xiaomi launches Redmi Note 10 Series, capturing the middle and low-end

Xiaomi has launched a new line of Redmi Note 10, which has 4 models: Redmi Note 10 Pro, Redmi Note 10S, Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10 5G.

Among all 4 models, Redmi Note 10 Pro can be considered the top model of the Redmi Note 10 series, with the main focus on the camera. With a  SLOT   rear camera with a resolution of 108 megapixels, supports shooting in low light conditions The video mode can record Timelapse videos.

On the screen size of the Redmi Note 10 Pro is 6.67 inches DotDisplay and is considered a mid-range smartphone that supports a 120Hz display rate.

The Redmi Note 10 Pro processor chip uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G, a 5,020 mAh battery and supports 33W fast charging.

The next two models are similar, the Redmi Note 10S and the Redmi Note 10, with these two models having not much of a specification difference, with the Redmi Note 10S and Redmi Note 10 having the same screen size at 6.43. finger

Followed by 4 rear cameras, consisting of an 8 megapixel ultra wide camera, a 2 megapixel macro camera, a 2 megapixel depth of field camera, but in the main camera Redmi Note 10S and Redmi Note 10 There will be differences as follows.

The main camera of the Redmi Note 10S will have a resolution of 64 million pixels, the Redmi Note 10 will be reduced to 48 million pixels.

In addition, Redmi Note 10S and Redmi Note 10 are also different in terms of the processor chip, which Redmi Note 10S uses the MediaTek Helio G95 chipset, but Redmi Note 10 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 678 processor.