Topic: I decided to return to Runescape

I'm going to find another chaotic and I was wondering which would be useful. As of OSRS gold now I am deciding between the chaotic staff and chaotic maul. I already have a rapier/long blade and I'm fine with the ee offhand for it. Besides, I have a BGS. The reason why I wanted a small is just so that I could have a 2h t80 weapon and because I would love to have crush weapons for specific slayer tasks.

The reason why I want a team is since right now I'm mostly using wand/orb. I'm not positive if it's faster than SOL however I haven't really tested it. Would Chaotic employees be faster than the wand/orb combo and the SOL? Right now I'm only slaying, but I'd love to begin bossing again shortly but I'll want to use chaotics until I purchase drugstores. I've already been making Bandos with wand/orb using blood barrage double throw and I am having no issues. Would staff be more efficient? And where would a small be good at for bossing? I am hoping to eventually reach nex but Idk what's good for this anymore.

Hi everyone, been away from RuneScape for a few years now but decided to return about a month ago today. Since then, I have been questing and wish to work on coaching my range level. In all honesty, I've probably been doing that wrong as I am not certain what could have changed there because of the EoC, as I wasn't around for this! Haha. My question is, at level 57 triumphed and expecting to get to at least 70, what do you guys recommend concerning gear to use and what to train on? And if I sell my current range gear I'd likely have about 1.2m. I'm currently training on pyrefiends and utilizing the following gear: Archer helm/Helm of all Neitiznot, gloomy d'hide body, blue decide chaps, gloomy decide vambraces, Ava's Accumulator, dragon boots, an amulet of glory, magical shortbow, and mithril arrows. Additionally probably worth noting as I've above my ranged level is currently 57 (not far from 58) and my defense level is 64.

So I decided to return to Runescape today, just to Buy RS gold understand everything has changed by ALOT, Mages have as much armor and Hp. As Meleers, skills, action bar, and a lot of things, which left me with some questions which I need help answering: What would be the best boots for Melee? ( After a great deal of research, I discovered that the highest stats are around Mage's batwing boots, are there any better boots?