Topic: Okay! This year, why do we have to play Surfskate?       

The arrival of Surfskate at this time can be said to have surpassed all sports from the original perspective as extreme sports. Playing in a narrow circle has changed. People aged 30, 40, 50 can still play, and women can play very comfortably. Plus, there are also other celebrities joining in the play. Making surf skating a more and more fun sport

Surfing is a form of board sport. Caused by a combination of skateboard and surf. By designing the surf skates up that In order to be able to surf on land Boards range from 26 '' to 40 '' long, but surf skates will not be as stiff as a skateboard. And the front wheel of the surf skate rotates left and right 360 degrees, making it easier to navigate than a skateboard.

As for the reason that surf skates are rapidly becoming more popular It starts with staying at home for a long time during the virus outbreak. At home, there was only a modest amount of space to plow, including the presence of famous people making it a viral trend. So more and more people turned their attention and wanted to try and play, so why not? There is a lot to play. Why should you skate?

It's a very hot trend.
At this point in time if you don't know the surf board You might be out of trend. People who do not really know don't know that it is a different kind of skateboarding. Because it is the same board, it should be difficult to play, dangerous stunts, only children play (saw teenagers around the house), but surfboards do not require difficult stunts like skateboards, which are important, just love and The body can play. Which is the reason why people of all ages turn their attention Especially people working age 30-40 years, especially the trend from celebrities as well It hits quickly. You can try it a little bit. No damage. So that you won't get off the train (trend)

Solve the problem of going surfing
COVID-19 epidemic for years As a result, many people who enjoy surfing will not be able to surf in the sea. That can only find something to replace So people were targeting surf skates. Because it was built to play around with windsurfing anyway. On a day when the waves are high and the storm comes in, it is too dangerous to take the surf to the sea. Or a day when the sea has no waves It is adapted from a skateboard that allows more swerve and swing than a skateboard can do. When people can go as far as possible just in front of the house or any open area around the house, surf land is used to solve problems. Can move similarly, but do not rely on the waves and sea breeze

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