Topic: Myopia because I like reading in the dark or not?

We are one of many. People who have myopia since childhood By our own thinking Plus at home, we think like we It is because we like to read both novels and comics before going to bed often. The lighting in the bedroom may not be bright enough for long reading. That is why we are short-sighted since the second grade of school.

But actually myopia Is it really from reading in the dark? Let's go see the answer.

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What is the cause of myopia?

Think about the olden days when we didn't have a light bulb or electric light yet, and people in the old days also read by candlelight. Which is unlikely to be bright enough every time Therefore, it is unlikely that everyone in the past will have myopia.
Therefore myopia symptoms There are often main causes. More from heredity If the parents have myopia Children may be as likely to be myopia as much as 40%, while normal-sighted parents Children will have a 10% chance of being myopia.
Race matters are also involved. Europeans have a 14.5% chance of myopia in the population aged 25 and over, only 13% of the Germans, 26% in England.

For Asians such as China, Japan, India, the population is relatively high myopia. When compared with Thai people By the races that find the least myopia Is an American and African Inuit

Reading in the dark Makes myopia?

Most ophthalmologists agree that Reading in the dark Does not destroy the structure And the work of the eyes But will make our eyes weary And adversely affect the eyes only in the short term

Why does reading in the dark cause eyestrain?

Causes that some people have eyestrain While reading books in the Not enough light Because when we are in low light conditions, our eyes react. By rod-shaped cells And the cone in the eye creates more light-sensitive chemistry. And this chemistry sends electrical signals to the brain. The retinal muscles loosen. To get as much light as possible through the photoreceptors
Neurons in the retina Will adjust to work to fit in the place Has better low light The eyes will try to focus the image to fall on the retina. It will be difficult to focus on the image. Due to the difference of the text color With less paper Makes the muscles around the eyes And the iris works harder