Topic: How to eat "fermented crab" safely Without parasites - no diarrhea

Raw food without parasites through the "frozen" method
I wonder if Why do Japanese people eat sashimi so often? Without fear of parasites, the answer is that in addition to his raw fish, most of  สล็อตทดลองเล่น   them are marine fish. That are less likely to find parasites than freshwater fish The process of making raw fish to serve to customers. Not only catch fresh fish Come to slice and serve only. But have to kill the parasites by freezing first The raw fish must be frozen in temperatures below -35 degrees for at least 15 hours, or may be immersed in temperatures of -20 degrees, but it takes up to 7 days to kill the parasites.

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For pickled crab, the pickling method that many Thais understand that can kill various germs Including all parasites Indeed, it cannot be done. The sanitization of the worms and the microorganisms in the marinade can be done the same as the parasite in raw fish, that is, the fermented crab is frozen in the temperature below -35 degrees for at least 15 hours or it may be immersed at -20 degrees. For up to 7 days there

However, from the news that we may have seen each other. That there are people who find worms in their own body from eating raw fish often Therefore, we insist on suggesting that Should eat only Don't eat too much Or not eating repeatedly For too long Although it is a pickled crab that has been certified frozen for a very long time. If you really want to be 100% sure, it should be cooked with heat is best. (In addition, salted crab is also high in sodium. Eating a lot is not good for the kidneys. And raw food is not good for the digestive system of the stomach. Can indulge some But take good care of our bodies)

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