Topic: Sexual Harassment "Children" are the most victims. The origin

Sexual Harassment, also known as Sexual harassment It's a problem that can be seen in many forms. Both caring with eyesight Two-pronged speech Personal touch Show the genitals To the rape And victims of harassment are often children and women, and it is now a matter of concern to Thai society. So the next question arises, despite the fact that society is paying attention But why is the news of sexual harassment still available almost daily?

Khun Chadet Chaowwilai, the director of the Female Male Foundation, revealed that the statistics at the Foundation Collected news of the เกมสล็อต situation of sexual violence in 2019 in 9 newspapers, found that there were 333 news of violence that occurred, divided into 43.9 percent of rape, 11.7 percent of forced prostitution, 10.2 percent of attempted rape, and so on. That is pornographic news, released porn clips And committing a gangster

The most common age of the victim was 11-15 years old, 16-20 years old, 6-10 years old and 21-25 years old. Using methamphetamine, rape), the highest age was 94 years (in the case of being raped by a neighbor, 63 years old) and when examining the occupation of the victim, 84.8% were students.

In addition, the results of the survey found that the relationship between the act and the victim The first is a stranger. Followed by those who were familiar with and were family members, such as teachers dealing with students. Students act on students Co-workers, people next door, stepfather and stepson, etc. The last place. Being acted by someone known through Social Network with a stimulating factor From alcoholic beverages Drug use And lust