Topic: Keep yourself safe from PM 2.5 dust.

In many areas, especially the North Are experiencing smog problems and PM 2.5 dust values exceeding the standard. Therefore, there are recommendations for people to take care of themselves to be safe. When staying in an area where the PM 2.5 value exceeds the standard
    If in the house Or indoors, doors and windows should be closed In order not to allow air pollution to accumulate in the building and use a high-performance air purifier. Which can filter 99.7% of particles smaller than 0.3 microns

    A long residential room If the room is closed until the air system inside And outside cannot be transferred to each other The ventilation fan should be opened as well.
    When outside the building Or being in a building without an air purifier or system N95 masks should be worn because they can filter PM 2.5 fine dust pollution with high efficiency. But must wear it correctly by choosing a size that fits the shape of nose and face If it becomes uncomfortable or tired, just remove it for a few minutes and it will feel more comfortable. And immediately put on a new one

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    Wearing an N95 mask with an exhalation valve will make it less uncomfortable and will last longer. And it is not recommended to wear a mask Or cloth mask
    Avoid or refrain from working or exercising outside the building. Especially for working or exercising very hard and continuously for a long time Because it can inhale PM 2.5 fine dust pollution into the lungs and body many times more than usual May cause hidden diseases such as coronary artery, ischemic stroke, nasal allergy. And asthma can cause an acute exacerbation or sudden death. Wear large glasses To protect the eyes from pollution, use a standard salt water rinse or use artificial tears.

    If you feel irritation, use a saline solution to rinse your nose when you have a stuffy nose or mucus in the nasal passages. To cleanse mucus, mucus and coarse dust Reduce a stuffy nose or gargle to relieve a sore throat. However, using a saline solution to rinse the nose cannot remove fine dust from the nasal mucosa. Because these fine dust will be absorbed into the lining walls and capillaries as soon as they are inhaled.

    If there are abnormal symptoms that interfere with daily life, such as chest pain or abdominal pain under the epiglottis, as if there is a heavy press on it Sudden pain, lightheadedness, numbness, or weakness in the face or limbs. The corner of the mouth is dropped, the mouth is crooked, speechless, speechless, confused, suddenly unable to see Having a persistent cough Noisy coughing Having a fever and shortness of breath, you should seek emergency medical attention immediately.
    Including monitoring the air quality index in the area that you are in Or the closest area at regular intervals The index was selected primarily to reflect the impact on health during the last hour. Or use a portable PM 2.5 fine dust pollution meter, and most importantly Not a polluter to the environment