Topic: Major conservatives gathered behind the GOP state's efforts to restric

National Republicans are working to push forward state-to-state GOP efforts to restrict voting by offering state lawmakers a bill to restrict access to ballot-led activists. Grassroots went to major battlefields and raised millions of dollars to block the effort By Democrats in Congress to establish a national basis for voting rights

Heritage Action for America, the conservative political arm of the Heritage Foundation, pledged publicly to spend at least $ 10 million on "Secure and strengthen the state electoral system" and the guidelines sent out earlier this year by the Heritage Foundation - including extending identification requirements so that no voting and a ban. Have a third party collect voter absent ballots made on bills competing through legislature in Georgia and other states.
Organizations from FreedomWorks, liberal advocacy groups to anti-abortion groups Susan B. Anthony List, have joined the fight for the right to vote this year.

Analysis: why Republican voter restrictions race against time
Major conservatives gathered behind the GOP state's efforts to restrict voting.
'Cologne on Jim Crow': Georgia GOP Drives to New Limitations
At least 45 states have seen bills aimed at cracking down on voters.Here's why.

The participation of national groups has shown efforts to restrict voting in dozens of states. "It's not a coincidence," said Hillary Holley, director of the Georgia election rights group Fair Fight Action. "This is a well-funded strategic imperative."
The Republican-controlled House of Georgia is scheduled to vote on Thursday on a change in voting, including a limit on ballot boxes, which require missing ballots to be identified and misleading. The crime of giving food or soft drinks to voters waiting in line to vote.

Heritage Action officials said about 20,000 activists were working in areas in the state to support the action.
Lawmakers in Peach state are expected to take final action on the measure next week before postponements. That made Georgia the  slotxoดาวน์โหลด  second Republican-controlled state this year to pass a major law restricting access to ballot papers. Earlier this month, the state of Iowa passed its own restrictions, including a reduction in the number of days that can be pre-voted.
In total, more than 40 states are considering a bill that restricts voting as of mid-February, according to the liberal Brennan Center for Justice at New York University. Since then, more and more people have participated.

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Re: Major conservatives gathered behind the GOP state's efforts to restric

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Re: Major conservatives gathered behind the GOP state's efforts to restric

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Re: Major conservatives gathered behind the GOP state's efforts to restric

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