Topic: Build a team for your small business

Build a team for your small business
How to build a team for your startup

If you need the help of other people to manage your project, either in the beginning or after your business has started to grow and expand, you will need to hire a competent and qualified workforce that will push your company forward. You should include this in the business plan, so that you take it into account when estimating the budget required to set up your own business. The first question you might ask yourself is how many employees do I need?

The answer varies according to the field in which you work, as most startups operate with small teams. But this is for the technology sector. In other sectors, the matter may be different, for example if you want to establish a restaurant, it is likely that the number of employees you need will be greater, as you will need kitchen workers, and you need several waiters, in addition to a person in charge of administration, accounting and possibly security, and so on.  Establishing companies in Dubai

Unless your project is stagnant and not growing, you will need to hire people sooner or later. The employees are the driver of the project, as you will delegate some of your powers to them, so you should improve their choice. If your project is online, then it may be better to adopt remote employment, because it is cheaper, and also puts under your mortgage the best existing Arab competencies, a remote site that helps you recruit the best competencies and skills you need to work remotely without being restricted to a specific geographical area.

Find a location for the project
If your business is offline, you will need a location for it, be it offices, a sales shop, or an industrial site. In this case, you will need to buy or rent a property to host your business. If your business is online, you do not necessarily have a geographical location of work, unless your project expands or you have employees.   Business setup consultant in Dubai

Or your project needs a dedicated space, for example, if you have a project to sell hosting on your own servers, or you sell your own products from your site, in this case you will need a special space for that. Make sure to include its costs in the business plan. Here are some basic things to consider when searching for a place to work:

Target customers: If you are targeting a specific geographical area, make sure that your workplace is close to that area, for example if you want to establish a business to sell study materials, it is natural for the project site to be close to the sites where students are located, such as universities and high schools.
Accessibility and parking: Is your building accessible? Can potential customers park their cars? These matters are important, and if you do not take them into account, you may lose a lot of car owners.
Competition: Sometimes, it might be a good idea to open your business near competitors, but other times it might not be so good. Rely on the market and competitors analysis you made when preparing your business plan to determine the best option for your project.Companies establishment
Proximity to other companies and services: It is better to search in the areas that host projects and other companies, because those areas are usually popular sites, and people come to them from everywhere. On the other hand, the problem with this is that the rent in such locations is very expensive. Also, pay attention to the security factor by avoiding unsafe websites.
Infrastructure: Verify that the building in which you will host your business is equipped with the necessary requirements, for example, if you need internet in the workplace, make sure that the building is in an area with a fast connection to the Internet.
Start developing products or services
After all the effort you put into creating your own business, it would be nice to see your idea become a reality. Keep in mind that converting an idea into a product or service is a difficult process. For example, if you want to create an app, and you are not an app developer, you will need to hire a developer. If you need to mass-produce an item, you will need to hire a manufacturing company.

When you are in the process of working on getting your idea to light, you should focus on simplicity and quality, if you want, for example, to create a site to provide a service, you have to make sure that obtaining that service is simple and clear, and that the service is of high quality, without errors. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you work on developing the product:

Learn as much as you can about the product you want: for example, if you want to create a blog, you must educate yourself in this area, to know how to communicate with the developer, and how to make important decisions, such as determining the hosting and the appropriate content management system.
You should control the production stages: if you hand over the development of your online store to an independent or company without follow-up, for example, you may be surprised at the end that the site's design or performance is different from what you were aspiring to.
Try to balance the risks: If you want to establish an online store, and you assign a developer to develop it, he may leave errors or loopholes that pirates exploit to penetrate your site, and this may have catastrophic consequences, and you may lose a lot of money, so it may be wise to appoint another person after him, and it is preferable To be a cybersecurity specialist to review the site's code, and verify that it is free from vulnerabilities.
Recruitment of specialists: Avoid the owners of the saying "Seven Sanaa and the livelihood is lost", as these people claim that they know everything, and the truth is that they do not know anything in-depth. Look for specialists, if you want to hire someone to develop an application, choose someone who has previous work in this field. Application development is a stand-alone science, and it is generally different from developing websites or developing add-ons.
After you finish the product or service, let people interact with it. This will help you discover any errors or defects that you did not notice. You can ask family and friends to give you their opinions, or you can poll an expert. And don't expect the product to be complete the first time, or to have positive reactions at first.

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