Topic: Thai electric motorcycles made GPX develop motor-powered motorcycles

Continuously hot with the brand The latest GPX motorcycles ambush with Pioneer Motor Public Company Limited (PIMO), a major electric motor manufacturer. And a memorandum of cooperation (MOU) was signed recently by Mr. Wasan Itthirochanakul, Managing Director, Mr. Christopher Tep, Deputy Managing Director of PIMO, with Mr. Wasan Patsapurinthapoom R&D. Engineering Director, GP Motor (Thailand), manufacturer and distributor of GPX motorcycles, cooperated with NSTDA (National Science and Technology Development Agency) in the motor development project for electric motorcycles. To jointly develop the electric motorcycle that is stable and of good quality at an affordable price. By setting goals to be able to achieve production in the fourth quarter of next year!

The first starting point for Thai motorcycle manufacturer GPX to enter the electric two-wheel drive market. Or an EV (Electric Vehicle) motorcycle powered by an electric motor instead of an combustion engine. It will use electricity instead of oil. Or other energy  สล็อตออนไลน์ sources Which of course In the work of the motor It is the heart of the car, the motorcycle brand GPX cooperate with PIMO to develop a drive motor. To response And efficiency in acceleration Due to the operation of the motor There is no need for a gear reduction procedure. Make the car able to meet the needs of the driver.

In this collaboration, GPX received funding from the Office of the Higher Education Policy Council. National Science, Research and Innovation By the management and capital management unit To increase the competitiveness of the country (BOD) and cooperation in research and development with NSTDA (National Science and Technology Development Agency) to play a role as a supporter of the organization Electric vehicle knowledge for upcoming developments This makes the signing of this partnership between GPX and PIMO interesting about the future drivetrain of the motorcycle.