Topic: Structure of the social studies essay

Let's take a look at the structure of the USE 2021 social studies essay. Each paragraph is a new paragraph:

Disclosure of the problem, search for the author's idea and its justification;
Argumentation theoretical;
Argumentation factual;
Let us elaborate on each.

Disclosure of the problem
Is myperfectpaper legit? So, the first paragraph - the formulation of the main idea of the statement. The way you understand the essence of the author's thought. Suppose the French writer André Morois once said that "business is a combination of war and sport." You need to explain to a curious inspector what he meant.

Checkers will probably look for key words such as "competition," "market," "entrepreneurs," "customer demand," etc. in this part. It is important that you only use terms whose meanings you know well. The better you know them, the easier it will be to expound on the second point.

Argumentation theoretical.
In this part of the essay you need to show your knowledge of social science concepts, mark their direct or indirect connection to the idea of the statement. This is what we are forced to do in social studies classes - to learn by heart the definitions of the elements of all spheres of life. In sociology, the most common concepts are: "society", "personality", "socialization", "needs", "biological" and "social" in man, etc.

This part of the essay can be structured in the form of questions and answers. Let's return to the statement of A. Morua and give an example:

"To continue the reasoning of this idea, it is necessary to turn to theory. First of all, in business, just like in sports, producers are aimed at achieving a result (profit). So what is a business? Business is a proactive economic activity, which is carried out with own or borrowed funds at its own risk and under its own responsibility, setting as its main goals the earning of income and development of its own business. Business, like sports, is a competitive field. Competition comes in many forms, it is necessary to distinguish..."

Factual Argumentation
There can be more than two examples for a factual argument.

The official FIPI requirement for assignment 29 identifies three main groups of sources:

from the social life of contemporary society, i.e., real facts and models of social situations ("Citizen K. became an entrepreneur, but he could not sell his products..."), including the media, Internet resources of sociological services;
from personal social experience, including events from your life or the lives of your relatives; this also includes books read, movies watched, etc;
from history, including the history of science and technology, literature, and art.
It is better to write each argument in a separate paragraph. This makes the text more logical and structured. In addition, they should be from different sources. For example, if you decide to talk about the entrepreneurial experience of his father, the next example is better to take from the media or history.

The final stage of the essay is the conclusion. It is worth writing about the fact that the examples and arguments given help to comprehend the essence of the statement of this or that thinker. It is also important to note the relevance of the problem he raised, its importance in the modern world.

In the last paragraph you summarize everything you talked about earlier, but more concisely:

"In conclusion, I would like to emphasize that the examples and terms I have given make us convinced of the accuracy and correctness of the author's words. For, indeed, ... (here again a periphrase of the quotation).
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Re: Structure of the social studies essay

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