Topic: Changelogs

This thread will serve as a list of changes to the game. Follow it if you want to be up to date with version changes.

Version: 1.0.92
Published: 9.7.2015

- more detailed logs (diplomacy, alliance changes, log now records when somebody expels you from a farm/fortress and does not take it - this was a long required feature)
- speedup of the whole building queue
- improved graphics of the deployment manager (will be improved further)

Fixed bugs:
- movement error that rarely caused you could not catch a slower army when chasing
- ordering movement on exploding army makes your army set waypoint to exploded army's home city.
- possibility to build building over another building

+ more minor bugfixes (chat ENTER error)

Re: Changelogs

We will shortly release version 1.0.109.

This version has a lot of feedback we got from you since the last version built into it .
Thank you for your feedback, we hope you will enjoy the changes.

- deploy/evac panel shows details of all transfer and you can cancel single army transfers now
- UTC time tooltip
- army panel can be switched to list mode, so you can see many more units there
- use CTRL/CMD + click on a building to upgrage it directly without opening its dialog

- speed up all constructions
- army manager unit EXP visualisation removed
- eliminated multiple city textures loading
- superfort banner position fix
- mousewheel in chat fix
- bonus shop fix
- optimisations and internal fixes