Topic: Rating the 2020/21 Premier League away kits

Rating the 2020/21 Premier League away kits

You’re slightly limited with home kits. You’ve got an established colour palette and you either work (pretty much) within it or incur all manner of AMF ‘game’s gone’ wrath and, to be fair, rightly so. Away kits, though. You can put any old shit on away kits. That is why they are always the best and worst kits going around. As with the home kits, we’re dealing only with official confirmed kits here in a desperate bid to preserve some dignity. Get more news about mens soccer shorts,you can vist futbolucl!

I mean… I… Err… Okay. What the juddering f*ck is that? This feels like it should be part of Rorschach test. Do you see raspberry ripple ice cream or the aftermath of a grisly murder? Either way, it is a genuinely mental premise for a football shirt and it makes me confused and angry. And we can’t stress this enough: it isn’t even confirmed as the kit yet. It might be a banter. Football being football, some of the people unhappy about this shirt are cross because Arsenal kits should never be white, which is a bit like being annoyed about the colour of the car that’s just run over your family.

The deep blue third-kit version is an absolute stunner, to be fair, and calms the mood somewhat. Which is definitely needed.