Topic: The advantages and disadvantages of scalping trading

The advantages and disadvantages of scalping trading
Trading on short timeframes attracts traders for a number of reasons:
    Fast results. Scalpers do not need to wait a week or a month to make a profit. Many profitable trades can be closed in just one trading day.
    High profitability. Perhaps the most important and weighty argument. توصيات forex
Huge profits are possible due to the use of large leverage and making many trades with small profits.
    Small trades - low risks. Even if some of the orders turn out to be unprofitable, you will not lose all your funds at once. You are not limited to a single transaction that may ultimately be miscalculated.افضل شركات forex
    A field for experiments. Especially important for beginners. Novice traders rarely use conservative trading methods with profit targets of 5-10% at the end of the month.
    The ability to make money on almost any asset. But it is better, of course, to choose something with higher liquidity.

Re: The advantages and disadvantages of scalping trading

It's A Guessing And Gambling Game: Do you believe our planet and society would reach these heights if everything were left to chance and speculation? You can be certain it will not. If you want to be a professional and profitable Forex trader, you should leave as little as possible to chance or gambling. True, you may profit from a few guesses, but this does not guarantee that you will hit the 'jackpot' the following time around. Or, in the worst-case scenario, your guessing error could even result in a wipeout!

Leads To Emotional Trading: Without a Forex trading strategy, the temptation to trade based on gut instinct and emotions becomes extremely great. And, as you could have anticipated, trading with emotions results in a shattered trader account. And, to compound problems, this snowballs into something far larger. You will experience emotional distress, especially if you are confronted with numerous losses. The Forex market and trading are intended to be a reliable source of revenue, not a perpetual source of emotional tension and trauma.