Topic: Doctors recommend a new wave of COVID-19 to survive.

Due to the situation of COVID-19 Seems to be becoming more and more violent The cumulative infectious amount on a daily basis is increasing steadily. It also saw an alarming increase in deaths compared to previous rounds. And with COVID-19, there is no gender discrimination, no age selection, can infect everyone. In addition to the New Normal lifestyle, it is undeniable that "vaccine" is a huge hope for the Thai people at the moment.

How long do we have to live with COVID-19?
Dr. Samorn Limpahakhun, MD., Dr. Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, said that if looking at the increasing number of people infected with COVID-19, it should be with us for about a year. If the entire world population can vaccinate more than 70% of the total population Will stimulate At least our immunity is likely to be able to fight COVID-19, and if those 70% of the population is vaccinated in a timely manner against the mutant virus continually, it is possible. Any We can hope that the situation of the COVID-19 outbreak will calm.

Calculated from the global population of over 7 billion people, the global vaccination speed is now just 15 million doses per day, equivalent to 7 million injections a day. To complete the injection of 7,000 million people, it takes up to 1,000 days ever (about 3 years). Therefore, if you want a faster group immunity. It is imperative to speed up the injection faster, that is, injecting more doses each day to shorten the time of injection.

Where are we in the outbreak?
When there is news that someone close to the COVID-19 infection, many people may wonder how much they are at risk.

Wong 1: Suppose someone is a patient (Mr. A) and someone approaches or touches him, then Mr. A calls that person a high-risk contact (Mr. B), i.e., having been close to each other in a narrow area, roughly the radius. 1 meter, continuous talk for 15 minutes, with or without mask, highly exposed persons (Mr. B) are advised to quarantine for 14 days, not close to anyone, wear masks, wash their hands frequently and check for infections on the fifth day. First touch patient, however, testing before the 5th day after first contact is not recommended. Because the test may have found a false negative result because the infection is still in the incubation period Therefore examined and did not find the infection Moreover If this false negative is found, you may think that you are free of COVID-19. And go out for a normal daily life Even though they are infected It may be spreading the infection without knowing it.
Band 2: People who come in close contact with someone in group 1 without direct contact with an infected person (Mr. A) is known as a low-risk contact (Mr. C), perhaps just passing by talking. Less than 1 minute with masks but not touching each other, 1-2 meters apart, or with co-workers only 1, recommend low-risk exposure (Mr. C) to wear masks, avoid crowded places, or Risk area And observe symptoms for 14 days, but do not have to quarantine
Band 3: People who are not at risk from this patient. It could be someone in the same community. Are in the same condo Initially, it is recommended to wear a mask, wash your hands frequently and keep your distance. To protect yourself But do not have to be confined

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Re: Doctors recommend a new wave of COVID-19 to survive.

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Re: Doctors recommend a new wave of COVID-19 to survive.

you might feel that you are liberated from Coronavirus. Homework Assignment Help What's more, go out for an ordinary day to day routine Despite the fact that they are contaminated It very well might be spreading the disease without knowing it.