Topic: Google knows you better than your girlfriend! Really?       

After TikTok user yorgoandlea revealed what information Google collects about you. Create a buzz in the social world. Which has more than 1 million views along with garde comments that

Sometimes I know too much.

How to find out what Google knows about users
The clip shows how to find out what Google knows about its users. By going to the search page, type ads settings google, then select. This window displays personal information about us, our age and gender, not even the spoken language. Which seems to know better than our girlfriend

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Create a great surprise on the online world. With over 1.2 million views currently As well as various comments that are incessantly Even one user exclaimed, 'Oh my god, it is too accurate. But not knowing everything Because some users have countered that Why do you say I am 44 when I am only 19?

The website provides additional reasons for the collection of information such as cookies, viewed clips, location and ad click selection to improve your service. And you can use the advertising service effectively.

Turn off the ad personalization feature.

However, Google promises that there is no way to sell the personal information of these users directly to other companies. It is only used to estimate what the user is interested in. And in addition, if you want to turn off these features at any time Just turn off the switch on that window. But we have to understand that it doesn't make the ads that we see down. It will just be an advertisement that is not more about us.

Re: Google knows you better than your girlfriend! Really?

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Re: Google knows you better than your girlfriend! Really?

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