Complete Revolution1 changelog:

New way to overthrow GSA - Each GSA fortress will give 1 point per hour. The alliance with 15,000 points (or more) will win, as long as that alliance is more than 2,000 points ahead of the next-highest alliance.

Invite a friend - You will be able to invite your friends to play. Invited players will get 60 iCoins instantly and you will get 20% bonus of all their future iCoins purchases.

Ready-made cities - You will be able to purchase ready-made cities. Ready-made cities will look like an inicial city after a completion of tutorial. Check screenshot of it:

Two cities for free - You will be able to get a second city for free. Technically speaking you will buy it for 0 iCoins.

Maximum number of cities will be 6.

More attractive farms - There will be much richer farms to claim.

New game event - GSA Supercamp. During later phase of the game
there will regularly spawn of GSA Supercamp which will hide a significant amount of Beryllium.

No pacts - There will be just peace or war diplomatic relations and only the victorious alliance will get all the glory and medals.

Maximum number of members of alliance will be 25.

Skip tutorial - You will have an option to skip in-game tutorial. Claim your initial city with 'Skip tutorial' checked and you will skip the tutorial.

Other edits:
Button “MAX” in  Logistics Center takes into account the capacity of the convoy.
Clickable coordinates in gaming logs for more comfortable navigation.
No Beryllium from fortresses, but cheaper upgrades.
The data tables of commanders contain information about their home cities.