Topic: Printed Circuit SBU Levelling Machine

Printed Circuit SBU Levelling Machine

When PCB’s are plugged, contacted holes are refilled. The SBU Levelling Machine levels the surface so that the PCB becomes planar again. By virtue of the stable design of the levelling module, removal is effected absolutely vibration-free and uniformly throughout the length of the roller. In combination with a high-oscillation frequency, this creates a very consistent profile of the surface.Get more news about Pcb Board Roller Leveller,you can vist our website!

High quality precision due to stainless steel module housing and vibration-free levelling
Easy maintenance due to quick-release brushing and grinding rollers
Unevenness is compensated by an automatic adjustment of the distance between brush and panel
Permanent control of the levelling pressure
Consistent surface Profile
Constant process conditions due to a self-sharpening levelling roller concept
High process stability due to a consistent cutting speed