Topic: Bridge crane engineer instruction on single girder bridge crane operat

Bridge cranes are widely used inside the warehouse or workshop for transferring heavy goods from one place to the other place. But how to operate single girder bridge crane to ensure safety and working stability? The bridge crane operation procedure instruction from Dongqi Bridge crane manufacturer engineer will help you to operate your bridge crane safely, efficiently and easily.

Before single girder bridge crane working
Single girder bridge crane with cab, the driver before driving, should check hooks, ropes and safety devices and other components according to the check requirements, if there are unusual circumstances, should be excluded.
Single girder overhead crane with ground control, there should be someone who are responsible for checking each class according to the requirements of card check, if there are unusual circumstances, should be excluded.
The operator must confirm there are no workers on walking or unmanned station orbit, then can close the main power supply. When locking or sign on the power circuit breaker, the original worker remove it before closing the main power.
Checking all parts to see whether there are traffic anomalies, especially checking the main beam connection. Checking the track, the trolley bodies and beam traveling clean, no mechanical damage, if there any unusual, it is not allowed. orbit without deformation, damage, loose, defective.
Tread and wheel flange wear and no obvious scars. Checking wheels, there should be no cracks, indentation and wear gauge, when the defect depth is more than 3mm, it should be replaced immediately.
Rope checking: whether the normal rope wound on the spool. Kink-free wire rope, wire rope no burns, no scattered shares, no serious wear and tear, corrosion, defects, the number of broken wires not exceed the standard, non-whole shares break. When the rope surface have obvious wear, it should be replaced immediately.
Hook no cracks or deformation of bearing rotation flexibility, smooth, good hook nut locking device. 1.6 pulley rotation smooth, flexible, round groove without significant wear rim intact, free of defects.
Insulation resistance of electrical equipment system qualified (≥0.5MΩ), regular measurement records, it should not extended using.
Electrical equipment reliable protective earth (zero).
Mechanical tests regularly qualified, complete records, should not extended using.
Single girder bridge crane

Single girder bridge crane with ground control Single girder bridge crane with cabin

During single girder bridge crane working
a. When lifting heavy goods for the first time (or the maximum load weight), it should be lifted from the ground at the height of 0.5 meters, put down the goods again to check the brake performance, after confirmation reliable, then normal operation.
b. Strict implementation of "Ten is not hanging" system:

command signal not working or chaos, not hanging;
not hanging over the rated lifting capacity;
spreaders unreasonable or things bundles hanging is not strong, not hanging;
someone or other items are on the goods, not hanging;
brake or other braking safety device failure, not hanging;
When driving heavy goods directly processed, not hanging;
pull not correctly, not hanging;
explosive objects, not hanging;
objects buried in the ground without pulling hoist, not hanging;
angular block port objects, not really hanging mats, not hanging;
c. It is not allowed while holding down the electric hoist towards two directions of rotation from the control button.
d. When hanging pieces, the operator should be kept away from the work piece more than 1 meter. In the front should be no obstructions. When the operator running with the crane, it should be taken to preventing tripped.
e. Control cables do not pulling too tight, it should keep the button disk room.
f. Limiter is protection device, it shall not be deemed as a switch. Strictly prohibited without the guide wire or stop operation, and should always check the guide rope (stopper) and limit switches sensitivity.
g. When the crane brakes not working, it should adjust the tightness of the electric brake springs.
h. Electric hoist does not work, it should not allow hanging goods, in order to avoid permanent deformation of the parts

Bridge crane engineer instruction on single girder bridge crane operation