Topic: 9 sets heavy duty steel mill overhead cranes sold from China to India

India is rich in mineral resources, with bauxite reserves and coal production both ranking fifth in the world, and mica exports account for 60% of world exports. India’s steel mills are mainly located in the northeast, mainly Kolkata, because the steel industry is an industry that has a large demand for coal and iron ore, and is often located close to coal and iron ore bases.

Orders for overhead cranes from Indian steel mills
As an excellent crane manufacturer in China, we have this good reputation and some successful crane cases in India. This includes many crane orders from steel mills. The case to be shared today is an order for an overhead crane from an Indian steel mill. The main business of this customer’s factory includes the production of cast iron, sponge iron, billets, TMT bars, wires, ductile iron pipes and other products. It consists of a sintering plant, a pellet plant, a blast furnace, a power plant, a steelmaking workshop and a steel rolling mill.

The customer wanted to purchase a batch of overhead cranes, but he didn’t understand some technical parameters very well. Our sales manager responded quickly to the customer’s questions and some technical problems. In the subsequent quotation and after-sales service, our professionalism finally won the customer’s trust.

Crane type suitable for steel plant
Used in different steel-making processes, Dongqi overhead cranes in different types are adopted to lift and move materials. There are several types of cranes used in steel mill as follows:

QD type electric winch overhead crane double girder: overhead crane with winch trolley is widely used in machinery fabrication, steel mills, metallurgical plant auxiliary workshop, storage, stock ground, and power station. Also can be used as regular double-girder overhead crane in Textile industry or food industry.
QDY type Ladle overhead crane double girder: ladle crane, also known as foundry crane, is a kind of special overhead crane and mainly applied for metal smelting, rolling and hot working in steel mills to lift and move molten metal.
QZ type Overhead grab crane double girder: this kind of grab crane is used to grab iron ore, scrap ore and coal, and it can adopt hydraulic grab, mechanical grab or electric grab as needed.
Finally they bought 8 sets of QZ and 1 set of QD Double Girder Overhead Crane.

QZ is used to grab iron ore fines concentrate. QZ Double Girder Overhead Crane With Grab Bucket is widely used in power station, storage, smelting workshop of steel mill, port, cement plant, and waste recycling station, etc. to load and unload scattered objects. The grab crane has a high requirements on heat, dust, and aggressive environment.

QD overhead crane is used for equipment maintenance. Crane is widely used to load and transport normal weight in the fixed crossing space and in various special purpose hoists in special operations.

9 sets heavy duty steel mill overhead cranes sold from China to India