Topic: Characteristics of double hook electric hoist

Characteristics of double hook electric hoist

European style hook: high-quality steel is hot forged, and the anti-off clip design can prevent the goods from falling off. The appearance is beautiful, easy to disassemble, and the safety factor is higher.
Remote control switch: anti-shock thickened plastic handle, high safety factor, with rope control and wireless remote control, simple structure and easy to use.
Steel wire rope: double-strand draw rope, high strength, the strands of oil-coated steel wire rope make each steel wire rope evenly immersed in oil, and the upper and lower bidirectional safety limit devices are installed, which is durable.
Cone motor: Nanjing special conical motor aluminum alloy shell has good heat dissipation performance. The motor adopts B or F insulation, and the motor protection level is IP44/IP54. It does not need an external brake and is easy to install and maintain.
Thickened rope guide: carbon graphite cast iron stamping and forming, strong impact force, long service life, low failure rate, easy installation, strong versatility, etc., can effectively avoid rope dropping, rope disorder, and extend the hoist Service life.
Characteristics of double hook electric hoist