Topic: What to do if the electric hoist reducer leaks oil

Aiming at the problem of oil leakage in the electric hoist reducer caused by the internal and external pressure difference, it can be solved by improving the breather valve. Although each reducer has a vent valve, the vent hole is too small and easily blocked by dust and oil. In addition, check whether the breather valve is blocked during each maintenance, and you can also add a dust-proof device to the reducer.

From the aspect of raw materials, the box body and the box cover adopt a new process to use lost foam casting, which can greatly reduce the defects of the original casting such as pores, sand holes and slag inclusions. At the same time, lost foam casting is a new process with almost no margin and forming. No need to take the mold, no parting surface, no sand core, so the casting has no flash, burr and draft angle, and reduce the dimensional error caused by the core combination two. The surface roughness of the castings can reach Ra3.2 to 12.5um, the dimensional accuracy of the castings can reach 1T7 to 9, and the machining allowance is 1.5 to 2mm, which can greatly reduce the cost of machining. Compared with the traditional sand casting method, it can be reduced by 40 % To 50% of machining time. For the sealing material, the gasket can be made of chlorinated rubber material. The elasticity of chlorinated rubber is not only good in wear resistance, weather resistance, dilute acid resistance, silicone gear oil, but also not afraid of severe distortion and compression deformation. At the same time, each joint surface is coated with sealant to seal the small gap caused by processing. Important things After the reducer is assembled, make a simple vertical direction, add water and emulsion (to prevent rust on the surface of the box body and cover) into the water tank together, put the reducer in the vertical direction, and apply a certain amount to the oil injection hole. Observe that the reducer has no bubbles in the water, and judge whether the reducer is well-sealed according to the water bubbles.

If air leakage occurs in time, the location of the air leakage can be found and repaired to reduce the economic loss caused by leaving the factory.

Regarding the filling amount of gear oil for electric hoist reducer, please pay attention to the manual of the gear and understand which type of gear oil should be filled and what is the filling amount.

In terms of maintenance, the reducer is regularly overhauled and wiped to clean the oil. The static seal of the reducer can generally be leak-proof through treatment. However, due to the aging of the seal, poor quality, improper assembly, and high shaft surface roughness, the dynamic seal will cause a small amount of leakage at individual dynamic seals. Especially in harsh environments, the dust sticks to the shaft and it is almost a piece of oil. Therefore, it is necessary to wipe off the oil stains on the shaft after the equipment is stopped.

What to do if the electric hoist reducer leaks oil