Topic: Remember when Freddie Kitchens vowed to fire anyone

who served as an unnamed source? If he was serious about that Larry Ogunjobi Color Rush Jersey , he may want to get to work.As the Browns’ season continues to slowly disintegrate (they still have a chance at making it to the playoffs, but it’s a steep uphill climb), conflicting leaks have emerged over the past day in an apparent effort to apportion blame for the failure of the team — and the failure of the trade for receiver Odell Beckham Jr.It started with someone leaking to that Beckham’s talent has been “wasted” in a “dysfunctional” offense. That one surely came from Beckham or someone aligned with him, an expression of frustration with the failure of the team to use him more than it has. It also represents a strong statement of no confidence in Kitchens himself.The process continued with the Sunday Splash! report that Beckham needs surgery to repair a sports hernia, a report that both excuses Beckham’s subpar performance (relative to past years) and explains the team’s inability to get more out of him.The reports show that Beckham’s future has fallen squarely into the “to be determined” category , with Beckham’s interest in staying likely depending on changes made, or not made, by the organization — and with Cleveland’s interest in continuing the relationship likely depending on an objective assessment of whether the team would be better or worse without a player who serves as a constant magnet for scrutiny and criticism driven in large part by his inability or refusal to understand that press conferences are not the place to conduct a total download of his inner monologue on sensitive subjects like his future with the team.At this point, everything is on the table. Unless both sides want to continue the relationship, there’s no reason to do so. The question then becomes whether and to what extent the Browns can salvage all Sheldrick Redwine Jersey , part, or most of what they gave up to get him, and whether they’d resist doing the right thing for the player and the team if they can’t get whatever they regard as enough in return for him. Kareem Hunt and Travis Kelce both grew up in the Cleveland area. They were teammates in Kansas City for 27 games and have remained in touch since the Chiefs waived the running back last season.Kelce will miss Hunt. He also will root for Hunt. And Kelce expects Hunt to be the same player he was in Kansas City when he won the rushing title in 2017 and ran for 824 yards in 11 games last season.“He’s an unbelievable player,” Kelce said before Jarvis Landry‘s celebrity softball game in Eastlake, Ohio , via Mary Kay Cabot of “It ripped our hearts out when he got released from Kansas City, but to see him get another chance, I would hope, and I would think he’s going to make the absolute most of it.”The Chiefs cut Hunt after a video surfaced showing Hunt showing and kicking a woman. The Browns signed him in February, but Hunt will have to serve an eight-game suspension before he makes his Cleveland debut.Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield talked to Kelce and Patrick Mahomes about Hunt Greedy Williams Jersey , Kelce said Saturday.“The biggest thing was as much as you try to stay away from the actual situation that happened, Kareem has been nothing but a good friend and a good teammate,’’ Kelce said. “He’s been in the community trying to make a difference in other people’s lives. That’s what’s real. Everyone has things that go wrong in their lives. It’s how you come out of those situations that determine your true character. I think I’ll just leave it as that. What we said is true. Kareem, I hope he makes the best of his situation.”

Re: Remember when Freddie Kitchens vowed to fire anyone

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